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Hi, I’m Stephanie

Mindset Coach and Wellness Activist

Stephanie L. Harris, CCC. is a noted marketing professional, speaker and positive psychology coach. She uses her corporate experiences to create meaningful experiences around mindset changes, specifically for those who may not have ready access in certain corporate settings. Her clients have described her as a high-energy, powerful soul with an infectious personality and an unquenchable desire to help people. Whether working with individuals or organizations, she accesses the Why and How, behind her clients' thoughts and actions to create successful mindset management practices. By tracking the habits of those who are considered accomplished (versus successful), she has been able to capture the major tenets of creating meaningful shifts or changes in client thought patterns.



A self-proclaimed, Ph. D. in the "School of Hard-Knocks", she meshes her countless experiences of being the only female and person of color in the corporate world, with life real lessons. While her 40-year career in sales and marketing, created multiple coaching opportunities, her real passion is connecting individuals and clients to resources. Her new program, “Managing COVID with the New Way of Being” features real and authentic topics, centered around her first-hand experiences. 


During this immediate period of Covid19, she rose to international prominence as a COVID advocate, while assisting her husband through the navigation of his disease, which he contracted in March of 2020. With her positive psychology coaching program,  Shift With Steph ™, she is now creating narrative shifts in the mindsets of individuals and communities by creating experiences that embrace health and mindset, as the keys to balancing. 


Her emerging role is teaching individuals, communities, and organizations to build the capacity to examine new thought patterns and anticipate blind spots, as we arise into this new way of existing. She has honed self-diagnose tools, relative to our COVID experiences, and has worked with the medical community to address specific challenges that uniquely affect people of color. Throughout her advocacy role, she has reinforced what will be required to form new habits and new ways of being regarding the challenges which may impact us as a society. Having lived through COVID, she understands, from an organizational perspective, how leadership will have to work very differently, as they support their workforce, in an attempt to move into a structure of productivity by reducing anxiety and increasing organizational stability. 

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