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Hi, I’m Stephanie

Mindset Coach and Wellness Activist

Stephanie L. Harris, Certified Positive Psychology Coach, is a noted marketing professional, speaker and positive psychology coach. She uses  
her corporate background to create meaningful experiences around mindset changes, specifically for those who may not have ready access in certain corporate settings.


During the pandemic, Stephanie rose to international prominence as a COVID advocate, as she assisted her husband, who was an early patient, through the navigation of his disease. Architecting a healing mindset became her trademark, hence her popular statement "Mind Your Mindset ®"


Stephanie  understands how leadership will have to work very differently, as they support their workforce, in an attempt to move into a structure of 

productivity by reducing anxiety and increasing organizational stability, which has been impacted by the massive cultural shift in these current times.


With her positive psychology coaching program, Shift With Steph™, she creates  narrative shifts in the mindsets of individuals and communities by creating experiences which embrace health and the mindset, as the keys to balance.



A self-proclaimed, Ph. D. in the "School of Hard-Knocks"

She meshes her countless experiences of being the only female and person of color in the corporate world, with life real lessons. While her 40-year career in sales and marketing, created multiple coaching opportunities, her real passion is connecting individuals and clients to resources. 

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