Some of my greatest memories are the times my parents would take me skiing. We traveled, made new friends, and always returned home with a new lesson from the mountaintop. As members of the National Brotherhood of Skiers, my husband, Mark and I, made it a priority to travel to Sun Valley, Idaho for the annual National Brotherhood of Skiers Summit in late February. This allowed us to keep the tradition alive by traveling to remote locations to ski with new people. The only thing left to check off of our list was a memorable trip, as first-time visitors to the mountains of Idaho. Unfortunately, the most memorable post-summit experience was Mark's new virus, COVID-19. The coronavirus surfaced in America a few weeks before our arrival, but it sparked no significant concerns. There were clusters around the world, which were still inconclusive. We would have never thought, out of more than 600 skiers attending the summit in Sun Valley, over one-third would return home with fevers, collapsing on the floor and struggling to breathe. Mark was ill, but did not require hospitalization.

I was fortunate I did not get sick because I became his sole caregiver. I had to activate all energetic and intentional support to heal him nutritionally and spiritually, while also keeping myself well. Please watch our interview with Diane Sawyer, as we sit down to discuss the snow globe of confusion, fear, and contradictory advice that swept across America. 

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