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SHIFT YOUR MINDSET in this intimate discussion with Brittany J. Harris. "The Inclusion Solution Live," podcast, unveils the paramount realities of living with COVID-19. Learn how I shifted my mindset from being the wife-of-a-COVID-patient to my husband's Wellness Advocate after health officials delayed giving him timely testing. The road to recovery challenged my mental and physical state as a caregiver. Of course, my husband, Mark, had it worse.

Caring for a loved one, who declines before your eyes, does little to instill hope and empowerment with the situation. Imagine watching someone who cycles 35 miles, two to three times per week, transition to gasping for air to rest throughout the night. His loud, productive cough, fever, and loss of appetite seemed sufficient to receive care and finally testing, at my insistence. Healthcare officials weren't convinced Mark had COVID 19. Kits were scarce, and ER doctors kept referencing the CDC Guidelines, which were entrenched in international visits. My concern for Mark became overwhelming. Occasionally, I deprived myself of exercise and nutrition, while continuing to search for answers. Thankfully, I connected with my functional medicine Dr.Jyothi Rao and worked with Dr. Enid Neptune, a noted pulmonologist at John Hopkins Hospital, to assist with my quest for answers. I wanted to get tested for my safety, but could not do so, until I tried to get acupuncture. Thankfully, I tested negative.

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