What Is Behind Shift-With-Steph

The Shift with Steph brand development was like many brands. Often there is a non-circuitous route. I met Shauna Grace, an internationally renowned Empath and worked with her business mastery group.  She listened to my goals and referred me to Josiah Begin, who took my idea to the next level, after hearing my presentation on “A Self- Inventory of Self-Talk”. We worked together and created the Shift with Steph brand under Best Life Events Inc.

Clearly, there are no events happening in the near future, so I had to reinvent. I shared I thought I could share some of my life lessons and that was the beginning of the mindset brand. I also thought this would be an amazing way to build on my parents legacy of their focus on outcomes. I grew up hearing, “You Become What You Think About” from my father, who was one of the first Black electrical engineers hired at Boeing in 1951. It took an even more expansive turn when my husband, Mark was diagnosed with Covid19 and I posted a link imploring people to stay home....that link went viral, which created a lot of buzz. We were in the Wall Street Journal, ABC News with Diane Sawyer and multiple news outlets describing my advocacy. I had been toying with becoming a positive psychology coach for years and everything lead me to making that decision a few months ago. I should be fully certified by the end of this year, which I'm very thrilled about.

We were exposed to CV19 at the Sun Valley, ID, National Brotherhood of Skiers in late February. Mark, my husband was very ill, but not hospitalized. Fortunately, I did not get sick because I was his sole caregiver.... all I can tell you is I had to activate all energetic and intentional support to heal him nutritionally and spiritually and also keep myself well.

I am often asked about stereotypes and the role they play in mindset management. Stereotypes of all kinds are very limiting and perpetuate biases implicit and otherwise.  I remember when people used to say the Cosby show wasn't real because how could you have a black doctor and a black lawyer married to each other? That was a widely held misconception by a number of different cultures. That type of thinking is detrimental and limiting, especially if you look at it fro1m the perspective of goal setting. I grew up hearing many times, “If you think you can’t, you won’t!”

I routinely explain to people, as surprising as it might be, I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, I have skied since I was 6 years old, my daughter was a nationally ranked tennis player, which thankfully, is less of a surprise. I have many, many what some would consider odd, attributes on my resume. 

When we were sailing in the British Virgin Islands 3 years ago, mouths dropped when they saw 45 -million dollar catamarans all tied to one another.  When we arrived tothe shore for an island party, one curious gentleman started to interview one of our guests. He couldn't believe that, we as black people, had an international boaters association. Our friend said. “Hey, we do all kinds of things, we ski, we scuba dive, we are not limited to just boating”. His comment was “ WOW, you must have been born a white man!”  It took everything in my power to not smack him, but our friend eloquently educated him in a very calm, cool and collected's no surprise that African Americans suffer disproportionately from blood pressure issues with comments like that which have to constantly be dismissed. We are constantly forced to fight Dis-Ease with situations like that, which is why our mindset needs to be particularly elevated to, “Go High”.